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KHAYAM INTERNATIONAL GROUP is a Omani company successfully carrying out joint venture foreign firms that are leaders of their sectors, chairedby Mr. ALI AL SHASHAI, and Managed by Mrs SIHEM AL CHOUIKH based in Oman

Khayam rental Car : ADA OMAN, Khayam Tour & travel are the main activity of khayam International Group

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The essence of Arabia, located in the southwest Asia on the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, it has a strategic important position at the entrance of Strait Hormuz.
Oman is a marvelous colorful symphony of culture, heritage & history; yet the unexplored precious destination that has a lot to offer...

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Khayam Travel & Events is leading travel and destination management services company in 3 country: Oman , Tunisia and new branch in Dubai (Emirates). We offer a wide range of travel services including inbound and outbound tours, Corporate travel solutions, MICE and PCO services and booking solutions for Hotels and Tourism portals....

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